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Welcome to our barn store, now selling all your farmer's market favorites. Stop by and say hi!
Certified Piedmontese beef (tender, leaner and sustainably raised)
Uncured bacon (sooo delicious)
Wild game sausage (boar with berries, elk with wine, venison too)
All natural chicken (you'll taste the difference)
Fat Caps gourmet mushrooms (try cooking with fresh shiitake, lion's mane and oyster mushrooms for more flavorful recipes)
Local pickles and pickled green tomatoes (Sweet Horseradish and Garlic Kosher are popular, and we also carry hot as well as sweet varieties)
Cotton Candy grapes -come and get them!
Home-style raviolis, gnocchis, tortellini
Vegan and gluten free varieties too :)
Jersey Girl cheeses (whether seasonal or aged or fresh, they are delectable!)
Springhouse Creamery farm milk, Non-Homogenized
100% Farm milk cheeses (this family-owned business is A+ in our books; this is how it all started)
Sparta Mountain Farms Jams, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Dressings, Salsa 

Top of the Mountain honey and bee pollen
And of course lots of great quality, reasonably-priced fruits and veggies and the selection is growing!! yup, feel free to compare to grocery store prices and you might just be surprised ;)


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