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No Contact Produce Curbside Pickup


WALK UP AND WAIT ORDERS: Walk  up to the store, give us your order, and wait while we put everything together. Cash and Credit/Debit cards accepted.


1. Print out or have your order ready before calling. 

2. Have your credit card information ready: card number, expiry date, CVV, and billing zip code.

3. We will need your name and a cell phone number which can accept a text receipt (or an email for those who only have a land line).

4. Call 973 919 9694  to place your order. If we miss your call,  REST ASSURED, WE WILL CALL YOU BACK.

5. On Sundays we will fill orders for the first 25 callers for same-day pick up. Avoid the rush and order during the week.

6. You will be provided a customer number and a pick up time.

7. Arrive at the farm at your pick up time and park in the driveway with "FARMERS MARKET"  lawn signs (Please do not pick up from the other driveway)

8. Remain in your car and release your trunk door to allow us to place your bags inside your trunk. 

9. Remember to wash your vegetables/fruits before consuming/storing.

10. If you wish to shop for plants and flowers, you may do this separately on the self-pick-n-pay or honor system. Exact cash and check payments can be placed inside the metal mailbox attached to the "egg box" in front of the plastic grow house. If you want to pay for your plants with a credit card, please call 973 919 5657 or 973 459 0245.

Glass Bottled Whole Milk, 1/2 gallon, $6.00ea

Glass Bottled Whole Milk, quart, $4.00ea

Chocolate Milk, quart, $5.00ea

Ravioli, Jumbo Cheese $6.99

Ravioli, Braised Beef $9.99   

Ravioli, Roasted Red Pepper $9.99

Ravioli, Smoked Mozzarella & Asparagus $9.99

Tri-color Tortellini $4.49

Potato gnocchi, $4.99

Pickles:Garlic Kosher Dill Chips 32 oz, $10ea

Pickles:Garlic Kosher Dill Spears 32 oz, $10ea

Pickles:Sweet Horseradish Chips 32 oz, $10ea

Pickles:New/Green Half Sour 32 oz, $10ea 

Fresh Mozzarella, $4.99ea  
Eggs: $5dozen

Raw Honey 16 oz jar, $11ea

Amish Butter, Salted 1 lb, $8.99 ea

Cheese Curds Original (1/2 lb packages), $15lb

Cheese Curds Garlic Dill (1/2 lb packages), $15lb

Sparta Mountain Farms All Natural No Preservatives No Additives No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Jams and Jellies, 18 & 20 oz, $8.00 jar

Apple Pie Jam

Blackberry Jam (Seedless)

Blueberry Jam

Elderberry Jelly 

Fig Jam

FROG Jam (Fig, Raspberry,Orange, ginger)

Red Raspberry Jam (Seedless)

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam 

Apple Butter

Pumpkin Butter

Blackberry Fruit Spread (No Sugar Added)

Blueberry Fruit Spread (No Sugar Added)

Red Raspberry Fruit Spread (Seedless, No Sugar Added)

Hot Pepper Jam 16 oz., $8.00 jar

Peach Habanero

Jalapeno Jam

Salsas, 16 oz, $8.00 jar

Chunky Garden Salsa (Mild)

Chunky Garden Salsa (Medium)

Chunky Garden Salsa (Hot)

Mango Salsa (Medium)

Black Bean Salsa (Medium)

BBQ Sauces 16 oz, $9.50 bottle

Apple Hickory 


Southern Classic

Hot sauces, 5 oz, $9.50 bottle

Jalapeno Crushed Pepper (2/10 heat level)

Chipotle Crushed Pepper (5/10 heat level)

Scotch Bonnet CPS (7/10 heat level)

Salad Dressings, 12 oz $9.50 bottle

Roasted Garlic & Parmesan

Vidalia Onion & Golden Poppyseed

Vidalia Onion  & Honey Mustard

All Natural Ground Turkey, $10.29lb                                                      *All Meats Frozen

All Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Cutlet, $12.59lb

Certified Piedmontese Ground Beef, $12.99lb

Certified Piedmontese Jumbo Beef Patties (3pak), $12.99pak  

Certified Piedmontese Flat Iron Steak, $27.99lb

All Natural Skirt Steak, $26.59lb

Natural Bone-in Pork Chops, $12.59lb

Natural Pork Baby Back Ribs, $12.99lb

Uncured Sliced Bacon (1 lb), $12.99ea FLASH SALE


Apples, Honeycrisp 2 pcs for $1.00

Apples, Gala  3 pcs for $1.00

Apples, Macintosh 2 pcs for $1.00

Apples, Granny Smith 2 pcs for $1.00

Avocado $2.00 ea

Beets, Red $2.99bunch

Beets, Gold $2.99 bunch

Blueberries $4.69pint 

Broccoli $2.99 lb TOS

Carrots, Fresh Dug $2.99 bunch

Celery$1.99 ea

Garlic, Fresh-dug $1.50 head

Grapes (GREEN) $3.99  lb

Grapes (RED) $3.99 lb  

Lemons$.50 ea 

Limes$.50 ea

Leeks, $3.99 bunch

Lettuce: Iceberg $2.69 ea

Lettuce: Red Leaf $2.69 ea

Lettuce: Romaine $2.69 ea

Navel Oranges$.50 ea

Onions Yellow$1.99 lb

Onions Red$1.99 lb

Onions, Vidalia Sweet$1.99 lb

Peppers, Red/Orange $2.69 lb 

Potatoes: Idaho 80size/large $1.99 lb

Potatoes: Red $1.99 lb

Potatoes: Yams (Sweet Potato) $1.99 lb  

White Sweet Potatoes: $1.99 lb

Tomato, Beefsteak, $1.50 ea

Salad Tomatoes, $3 per quart

Squash, Butternut $1.99 lb

Squash, Honeynut $1.99 lb

Squash, Acorn Carnival $1.99 lb

Squash, Delicata $1.99 lb

Squash, Spaghetti $1.99 lb


TOS: Temporarily Out of Stock

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